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My Artwork Album 4

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Please, Notice that in these artworks pages some of the subjects may be not suitable for children's eyes.

The Bite Of Snakes

You know why I had to rebuild this page, due to that annoying old one who keeps bother me...
To have enemies could even be interesting, but not when they are of such a low profile, unskilled, unchallengin and unbrained... then they become just a bore, don't they?
Anyway,I am not even sorry, someway it's surprising for me to realize how one  has to freak out this way, especially considering I don't care about her a flying pig out. But she seems to be obsessed by me, so let's just see how long she will take this pathetic behaviour (but old ladies as her , shouldn't eat semolina soupes just?And try to rest their old bones?She seems to aim at constant attempts to be noisy instead, but one gotta admit it's quite funny to see the sad way she behaves... ;)LOL)
The Bite of Snakes can be seen personally, don't worry, I have still it (I like that picture quite much one of my best pencil works I have to say ;)), like some have done already as they knew what was happening here,if you want to know more about "someone"'s foolness, mail me, and your curiosity will be satisfied.But not all together people, last time I received 43 mails in one day about this. TOO MUCH.
Just don't try like some has suggested to make administrators ban her from Renderosity for a third time (Digital Witch and ShadowIam were Missus D. and they were banned due to bad behaviour, but honestly, to have her banned a third time under the new nickname (again, if you don't know which one for sure that is, just ask in mail and I will be more than happy to drop knowledge about that) is something I don't look forward to. She's capable to freak out even more then, and she's already sad and annoying this way, so , don't provoke her, just ignore, ignore, ignore. What she produces still so crap that that is easy to not consider it innit?.)
 Does she affect me? Not really ;) I was thinkin to rebuild this page anyway as it was too big so.. she made me a favour even :P
Anyway, here it comes the artworks that psycho would never been able to make anyway (that's HER problem, and better keep on ignoring her and a couple of useless ones of her crew like we had so far .Do you know one of them tries to pass for a woman !!Or at least he doesn't let notice that his shortened Italian name of a male can sound like a female sort of name in other languages. PATHETIC. They are a good item, together. With lies as their best resource, and bargaing as their modus vivendi..!!!
Maybe like this they "captured" more attention... LOL!! But real talented people in the community,luckely and obviously, have fun at considering them in their speeches.. eheh ;) too funny really to talk about them, like it's not clear what they do to get a glimpse of attention around.
If she keeps goin on, don't take resolutions to protect me, there's no need.Let's be careless. Like when we see an ant walkin on ground, although ants have more dignity than Missus D. ;))
Mail me for all as usual (the poem is luckely saved in midnightedition page of mine.. the editor asked who inspired me in writing that and I told him of course,and he said "there are sad people around" and I replied.:"sure, and their trancey mess won't save them from being useless lives!I wonder for how long they will poison this space, but ehy, in the end, does it really matter ?"

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