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My Artwork Album 4
For SophiaDeer (the good Nancy)


The Heat (For Freeze and Chris Volk) | It Might Be The London Rain | See You Soon (for Baz) | For SophiaDeer (the good Nancy) | I Remember | Night Shadows | Sakura/Mandala/Yukino | Pieces Of Colours And Joy | River/Moulin Rouge | Mermaid/Marauders/Beaute Irreversible | Old Mountain House/ Tuscany Path | Three Modern Graces/Virago | Teenage Love/ Latin Style | Just Take Care Of Me/ Varda (Elbereth)


Unlike some others (LOL!) THIS Nancy is actually a lovely lady. These two pieces were created for her, and still being a sweet thing for my heart. Her works are good things to be seen in Renderosity: you know I am not a Poser lover, but what she makes with it is very well lookin and sensitive.

Riding Horse Sketch